Indian PIN code Details of 142038

PIN Code


AreaList of Post Offices with pincode 142038
  • Alamwala Kalan B.O (Delivery), Bhagha Purana,
  • Baghapurana S.O (Delivery), Bhagha Purana, Tel:01636-242022,
  • Baraghar B.O (Delivery), Baghapurana,
  • Budh Singh Wala B.O (Delivery), Baghapurana,
  • Chand Purana B.O (Delivery), Baghapurana,
  • Channu Wala B.O (Delivery), Baghapurana,
  • Jai Singh Wala B.O (Delivery), Baghapurana,
  • Kaleke B.O (Delivery), Baghapurana,
  • Kotla Mehar Singh wala B.O (Delivery), Baghapurana,
  • Ladhai Ke B.O (Delivery), Baghapurana,
  • Langeana Kalan B.O (Delivery), Bhagha Purana,
  • Langeana Khurd B.O (Delivery), Bhagha Purana,
  • Mahla Kalan B.O (Delivery), Baghapurana,
  • Mandhiran Wala B.O (Delivery), Baghapurana,
  • Nathoke B.O (Delivery), Baghapurana,
  • Nathuwala West B.O (Delivery), Bhagha Purana,
  • Rajeana B.O (Delivery), Baghapurana,


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