Indian PIN code Details of 244001

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AreaList of Post Offices with pincode 244001
  • 24bn Pac Mbd S.O (Non-Delivery), Moradabad, Tel:0591-2417349,
  • Beejna B.O (Delivery), Moradabad,
  • Bhaisian B.O (Delivery), Moradabad,
  • Devapur Mustkam Pur B.O (Delivery), Moradabad,
  • Faij Ganj Bazar S.O (Non-Delivery), Moradabad, Tel:0591-2470330,
  • Faredi B.O (Delivery), Moradabad,
  • Galshaheed S.O (Non-Delivery), Moradabad, Tel:0591-2490973,
  • Gandhi Nagar (Moradabad) S.O (Non-Delivery), Moradabad, Tel:0591-2495895,
  • Godhi B.O (Delivery), Moradabad,
  • Hasanpur Katia B.O (Delivery), Moradabad,
  • Hathala Colony B.O (Delivery), Moradabad,
  • Husainpur Hamir B.O (Delivery), Moradabad,
  • Jahangirpur B.O (Delivery), Moradabad,
  • Katghar S.O (Moradabad) (Non-Delivery), Moradabad, Tel:0591-2490371,
  • Lakri Fazalpur B.O (Delivery), Moradabad,
  • Macharria B.O (Delivery), Moradabad,
  • Mandi Naj S.O (Non-Delivery), Moradabad, Tel:0591-2326085,
  • Moradabad City S.O (Non-Delivery), Moradabad, Tel:0591-2325804,
  • Moradabad H.O (Delivery), Moradabad, Tel:0591-2415639,
  • Moradabad Kutchery S.O (Non-Delivery), Moradabad, Tel:0591-2412578,
  • Moradabad R.S. S.O (Non-Delivery), Moradabad, Tel:0591-2413060,
  • Mughal Pura B.O (Delivery), Moradabad,
  • Mukarrabpur B.O (Delivery), Moradabad,
  • Nai Basti S.O (Moradabad) (Non-Delivery), Moradabad, Tel:0591-2427254,
  • Nawabpura S.O (Non-Delivery), Moradabad, Tel:0591-2470331,
  • Noorpur B.O (Delivery), Moradabad,
  • P.A.C. Moradabad S.O (Non-Delivery), Moradabad, Tel:0591-2451059,
  • P.T.C. Moradabad S.O (Non-Delivery), Moradabad, Tel:0591-2435248,
  • R N . Area S.O (Non-Delivery), Moradabad, Tel:0591-483264,
  • R.T.S. Moradabad S.O (Non-Delivery), Moradabad, Tel:0591-2435396,
  • Rajpur Kesaria B.O (Delivery), Moradabad,
  • S.P.F. Mrd S.O (Non-Delivery), Moradabad, Tel:0591-2410340,
  • Sitapuri B.O (Delivery), Moradabad,
  • Sonakpur B.O (Delivery), Moradabad,
  • Stationroad S.O (Non-Delivery), Moradabad, Tel:0591-2311958,
  • Sultanpur Dost B.O (Delivery), Moradabad,
  • Town Hall S.O (Moradabad) (Non-Delivery), Moradabad, Tel:0591-2325854,
  • Tumaria Kalan B.O (Delivery), Moradabad,
  • Uncha Gaon B.O (Delivery), Moradabad,


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Kavita raj 15 Jan,21
Mobile phone gayab h aur switch off h plz uska location cheque kr btaye ki wah kaha h
Sumit yadav 15 Jan,21
Is number ka address chahiye
Shyam lal Tanwar 15 Jan,21
सर मेरे को किसी मोबाइल नंबर का एड्रेस और लोकेशन चाहिए
Ravinder 15 Jan,21
My phome lost kindly find and share location
Devaram 14 Jan,21
Mera phone kho Gaya h mujhe mere phone ki location chahiye
Bharat Kumar Ahirwar 14 Jan,21
Mobile kho gya h please help
Kailash kumar 14 Jan,21
Mera mo. kho gya h
dinesh kumar bunker 14 Jan,21
14-01-2021 को मेरा phone चोरी हो गया है
Mithlesh oraon 13 Jan,21
Mobile location chaye
Chandan kumar 13 Jan,21
Location pata karna h

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